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Monday, October 20, 2008

Quote of the Day - John Milius on Screenwriting

"I consider it a degrading occupation, because everybody's writing a personal screenplay. It's, "Wow, my sister's writing a screenplay," or "Oh, so-and-so's writing a screenplay." Every actor is writing a screenplay. Everybody nowadays gets so much for them, you know, you hear about these bidding wars and stuff. It's out of control.

I was the hottest screenwriter in Hollywood when I was twenty-five years old. And I've been the hottest three or four times since. And every time in between there are always these years when "This guy is the hottest thing that's ever lived," and "He just sold a screenplay for five hundred thousand dollars," which is a pittance now. And of course the movie never gets made or it gets made into a piece of shit. The guy disappears into drug addiction. And every year there's one of these new wunderkinds. And I've watched so many of them come and go, but I"m still here.

I'm still at large. I'm still a dangerous man"

--as quoted in "Reel Conversations: Candid Interviews with Film's Foremost Directors and Critics" by George Hickenlooper (Citadel Press: 1991)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just took a gander to the right and noticed you saw Bronco Bullfrog. I saw it theatrically in NYC. I've wondered what happened to the promising career of Barney Platt-Mills.

7:44 AM  
Blogger Aaron W. Graham said...

It actually screened here at the Winnipeg Cinematheque just last week, and I wrote a full review of it (which I'll post on here shortly!)

I believe the director has a website:

9:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Somebody's been messing around with John Milius' entry on imdb -


11:36 AM  

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